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Gaining confidence and generating leads for a digitally shy business

The problem

Meon Valley Travel is a travel management company based in Petersfield and Leicester.

They are a company planning for significant growth and part of this growth strategy is finding new customers. Building new customer relationships relied heavily on their charismatic owner, so they needed to find alternative ways to attract more new enquiries.

Having never previously tried digital marketing, the challenge was to implement new inbound marketing tactics that would generate leads with a modest initial PPC spend of £500 per month.

Our solution

The first step was to understand who within an organisation would be on the hunt for a travel management company. Having this information tells us what platform we need to advertise on and how we communicate with prospects.

Next was to address the website where we built case study pages, developed a content strategy to increase authority and created call to actions.

After the website was in a position we were happy with, we started paid search advertising on Google and Bing. Having a feeling Bing would yield better and cheaper results, we split the budget 50/50 to test which platform should get more attention over time.

Creating remarketing ads for the website audience that did not convert was the final piece of this initial campaign. These remarketing ads linked to case study and service pages, which provided more valuable information to try and convert website visitors.

New Enquiries
New Customers
Projected Revenue
£ 1 M


Proving the concept of digital advertising was simple with 56 quality leads generated from the initial 12 month campaign. The leads generated are expected to increase revenue by £1.17m and profit by £58,500. This is based on the average lifetime value of the customer.

After the initial 12 month trial of £500 per month, Meon Valley Travel gained enough confidence to double the PPC budget to £1,000 per month.

Meon Valley Travel testimonial

Ollie has been working with us on our Business Travel account, successfully finding new leads though paid advertising in Google Adwords and Microsoft Bing. Moreover, he has optimsed our website to create seamless customer journeys as part of a comprehensive content strategy which includes blogging, social media and email marketing.

Ed Texier – Marketing Manager 


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