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Create content that engages your target audience

Be the authority in your industry

Content marketing is how you communicate with your customers. Providing useful and valuable content to your audience should be at the very core of your marketing effort. 

Sharing your expertise and knowledge through content marketing is how you gain trust, become an authority in your subject and ultimately find more customers. 

Whichever digital tactic you use to grow your business, content you create will directly help with your PPC, SEO and newsletters efforts.



With the right systems in place, content can directly influence and increase sales. We created the E-book ‘The ultimate guide to working on superyachts‘ for our client, Flying Fish.

After creating 10 blog posts, we merged them together to create one ‘ultimate guide’ we felt potential customers needed. Through remarketing ads, pop ups and call to actions within website pages, we got people downloading the guide.

In the first 6 months the E-book has created 667 leads, 56 paying customers and £136,000 revenue for Flying Fish. 

Content marketing for small business

Being a content marketing agency for small business, we focus on creating content that will give you the biggest ROI. Blogging about your new office dog will be a thing of the past, we use data and industry tools to decide what content you should be delivering to your audience.

Customer research

Content marketing always starts with understanding what your customers want and how you can help them.

Create content

We can either work with you or create the content ourselves, depending on the industry and technical knowledge needed.

Optimise content

We'll make sure your content has the best chance possible of ranking in search engines.

Promote content

Let's get eyes looking at your new content. This could be through paid advertising, newsletters or sharing to 3rd party websites.


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