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The fastest way to drive traffic and make sales

Big results on limited budget

Pay per click marketing, or PPC, is an essential tool for most businesses in Chichester. It is a necessary component of any digital marketing strategy, and you should not be underestimated because it offers superb opportunities to find new customers. 

PPC is the fastest way of finding a targeted audience

One of the best benefits a pay per click marketing campaign can provide for your Chichester business is the targeted visitors, with a real interest in the services you offer.

Both with Google Ads and Facebook Ads, an effective PPC agency will target the right audience very precisely for your business, making sure that your budget is not wasted and delivers the best result.

You can execute advanced marketing tools, such as retargeting

The retargeting (or remarketing) feature is pure gold for any business. It allows you to create campaigns that target people who have already engaged with your company, and they are one step close to buying from you. You will be able, through this type of campaign, to remind them of your business and try to close the deal.

This is one of the most effective ways of generating conversions. Statistics show that website users who already visited your site are more likely to convert by 43%.

Your business will dominate the search results

Even if your business has excellent rankings in the search results, an adequate pay per click campaign will bring you more visibility and help you dominate in the search results. This approach will always ensure you a high-quality position in Google, being able to stay in front of your competition and in the attention of your potential buyers.

You will see results almost instantly

A well-structured and thought out pay per click campaign will provide results quickly. If in the case of SEO, you have to wait months or even years to see traffic increase and a ROI, but with PPC marketing, you will see instant results after the campaign is set start to run.

PPC can support a vast number of the sales funnel, shortening the time between the point when the visitor reached your business and the point where you will make a purchase. It will bring to your website valuable users, that are prone to convert quickly, increasing your profits significantly.

Using a Chichester PPC agency is a good fit for any local business. The best thing is that many business owners neglect it, so it gives you a substantial competitive advantage, at a high ROI, if correctly implemented.



Meon Valley Travel are a Travel Management Company with offices in Petersfield and Leicester. 

Tasked with building their first ever digital marketing campaign, we built key landing pages and created Google and Bing search ads. 

After constantly refining the campaign, we created 56 new enquiries, 7 new customers and a projected £1.17m revenue for the business.

Your local PPC agency in Chichester

Our process always starts with diving deep into understanding your potential customers. Where are they online, what are they searching for and what do they want?

Along with setting up and managing the campaigns, we’ll look at your website, the call to actions and your offers to make sure the traffic being spent on PPC has the biggest chance of conversion. 

Customer research

Establishing where your audience hangs out online and what they want sets up a campaign for success.

Account set up

Set up your paid advertising accounts the right way. Have campaigns, ad groups and ads in the correct format.

Account management

For best results, continual management of the account is needed. From adding new services, price changes to negative keywords.


Re-engage the traffic that did not convert on your website with display remarketing ads. A great advertising tool for all websites.


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