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Grow your business with this incredibly powerful digital marketing tactic

Be visible on Google and start seeing results

Getting more customers through organic search is the holy grail of digital marketing for many businesses.

If you can rank for the right keywords, it can open up the floodgates to a consistent stream of leads and paying customers. However, getting ranked in Google sometimes isn’t that easy, so it might be time to call on an SEO Agency.

If you are local to the area, using a SEO Agency in Chichester who you can visit and hold regular meetings with is a great way to build the relationship and your business.

We are a Digital Agency that becomes so involved with your company we will feel more like an employee or marketing team, rather than a separate business. We go deeper than any other agency into how your business works, how your customers think, what products make you money and how SEO can grow your business the right way.

We won’t just try to get any page to rank 1st in Google, we strategically look at your customers buying process and work on getting content to rank that will make a difference to your bottom line.

Why is SEO important?

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimisation, is an important and essential part of online marketing. The main goal of SEO is to help your website rank for relevant queries in search engine results.

People use Google (and other search engines) to help find solutions to their questions and problems which will make their life better. If they type in their problem and you come up on the first page of Google with the solution, then just maybe that person will click on your website, like what they see and want to do business with you.

To be visible and hopefully convert that person into a customer, you need to be on the 1st page of the search results. This is where the money is made and why investing in SEO can significantly increase your leads and sales.

We have seen businesses form and grow off the back of great SEO, but generally it will be part of your overall marketing strategy. Along with PPC, content and email marketing, you can have a well rounded digital strategy that will get results.

How to choose an SEO agency in Chichester

Typing in ‘SEO agency in Chichester’ comes back with 185,000 results in Google, so how do you actually choose one? The only way to fully know is to get in touch with ones you like the look of. A suggestion would be only contacting the ones that rank on the first page of Google, if they can’t walk the walk it’s probably best to avoid them.

Once you talk to the agency, you will get a feel of what skills they have and whether there is potential to work together.

Some agencies are best working with big companies and big budgets, others are more suited to help small brands. Others may have more knowledge about your industry and can talk your language.

Choose based on the people in the agency, do you trust them and do they fully understand what you do and what you want to achieve?

At Harbour we aren’t just an SEO Company in Chichester, though we also aren’t a general marketing agency that tries to offer everything either. What we do is find you more customers through digital marketing techniques, that’s it.

Along with SEO tactics to help increase traffic, we’ll look at the bigger picture to make sure the gains you make through organic search actually turns website visitors into customers.


217% Increase In Organic Traffic

Flying Fish are a training provider of Yachtmaster and Superyacht courses in Cowes, Isle of Wight. 

Through improving technical SEO aspects of their website, developing backlinks to key course page and embarking on a 6 month content strategy, we have increased their organic traffic by an incredible 217%.

Read the full case study >

Your local SEO agency in Chichester

Our SEO process always starts with understanding everything we need to know about you, your business and potential customers. 

During this learning phase, we will evaluate your current state of SEO, how your website is preforming and look for any opportunities to gain maximum results. Depending on what we find, we will use some or all of the techniques we know to improve your SEO and find you more customers.

Keyword research

By identifying what your customers are search for, we can tailor your website to rank for the right traffic for maximum results .

Technical SEO

From site structure, to meta data and page speed, we'll pick apart your website but only identify any changes that could make a real difference.

Local SEO

Enhancing Google My Business and creating content page (a bit like this one) can significantly improve your visibility for local search results.


Content can be the king when it comes to SEO. Start writing product and blog pages that makes Google pay attention so it cant help but rank high in search results.

Link building

Link building can provide that extra sauce needed to push your pages higher than any competitor.

Increase your knowledge

We will show you what we do and the tools we use, so you can learn and even become an SEO master yourself.


Claim your free 30 minute consultation meeting. This consultation is perfect for us to get to know you a little more, and for you to get to know us.

Forget the SEO or PPC audit that’s impossible to understand, we will provide you with up to 3 digital marketing tips you can take away and implement for your business today.